The Oedipus of Clamp

Clamp incest propaganda proof.

The Truth

I think it has already come to our knowledge that the “every kind of love is valid” thing will always be on CLAMP’s works. We have seen of age differences and LGBT couples in literally every single manga they have ever made. BUT!!! I recently noticed something I thought nobody else pointed until now: The Implicit Incest Propaganda.

We all know and love Syaoran and Sakura. We saw them in like 30 different mangas already and we will probably see more. We have ad we will keep on shipping them. BUT!!! today I am here to prove to you that they are actually related.

Just to make it clear, I’m talking about princess Tsubasa and Tsubasa Lee (the Real Sakura and Real Syaoran), from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. We don’t have any proof of their relationships with SyaoSaku from Cardcaptors Sakura.

There are gonna be spoilers for Tsubasa Chronicles and xxxHolic from this point on.

So, it’s been said that there’s only one Clow Reed, the one we all know AND HATE. There are no other versions of him; the one we know is the only one out there, in there’s no other Clow, in any other universe.

It’s shown to us that he has been in both xxxHolic and Tsubasa’s universes. He’s kept some close relationship with Yuuko and then traveled through universes and became king of Clow Country in Tsubasa. That’s where he married Nadeshiko, who gave birth to Princess Tsubasa.

Now, before having Sakura as his daughter, Clow spent some time in xxxHolic’s universe. In xxxHolic, Yuuko says that Watanuki’s ability to see ghosts happens to be a gift from his bloodline. As the story goes, we get to know that his powers come from his ancestor, Clow Reed. By the end os Tsubasa Crhonicles, we get to know that Watanuki and Syaoran (Tsubasa) are “the same”, as one’s existence was built to cover another’s. If you think like this, Tsubasa Lee is also Clow Reed’s descendant. It’s also said in Cardcaptor Sakura (that happens in the same universe as xxxHolic) that the Lee family comes from Clow Reed’s bloodline.

There are also some theories that say that Watanuki and Clow Reed are the same person, as they share the same spell circle, they have both met and been close to Yuuko, their goal is to see Yuuko (as Clow freezes Yuuko in the store, promising to bring her back before her death, Watanuki freezes his own time to wait for her), there are no versions of any of them in any other universes, they are both strong wizards, wear similar clothes, the same glasses and they both look like each other (as does Eriol Hiiragizawa, Clow’s reincarnation in Cardcaptor Sakura) AND THEY ARE BOTH FKING STUPID. So, if you believe the theory, then you can say that Watanuki is Princess Tsubasa’s dad in Clow Country.

With this in mind, Sakura and Syaoran are related, as Sakura is Clow’s daughter and Syaoran is his descendant (even if it’s a distant blood relation), and hypothetically, in another universe, Sakura would be dating a version of her own father. Also, if the clones thing with magic follows the same terms that it does in Biology, SyaoClone and SakuClone are also related, as they have the same DNA as the original ones. If so, then not only Syaoran/Watanuki is the son of his own clone, but the son of blood related parents.